Kancho Kanchev started his carrier as a very young truck driver. He worked as a driver for different companies in Bulgaria. In 2009 he bought his own truck which gave him the opportunity to get an international transport license.


Tiger Bull was found in 2009. In the coming years it became a consolidated leader in the big sector of the international cargo transport. Slowly but surely, the company has been transformed, which expanded its activity throughout whole Europe as groupages, frigo transport, distribution and logistic.


In the end of 2010 the company started its cooperation with the basic cargo agents in Europe as well having consolidated lines for groupages.


Supported by its own Tiger Bull offices, the firm has a team of specialists who manage every taken transport. With the firm web in over 15 countries, we are striving to be the most reliable spedition and logistic company.


Our trucks are equipped with TomTom PRO navigation and their current positions could be monitored 24/7. The trucks also have ADR equipment.

The Tiger Bull team

International transport Gabrovo

Stanislav Spasov - Управител

Tel: 00359 892 246 754

Tel: +359 66 819 700

Email: tigerbull.bg@gmail.com


International transport Gabrovo

Stella Gateva - Head of Transport

Tel: 00359 898 590 436

Tel: 0035 966 800 848



International transport Gabrovo

Borislava Petkova - Freight Forwarder

Tel: 00359 892 281 410

Tel: +359 66 819 701

Email: tigerbull.bg@gmail.com


International transport Gabrovo

Maria Stamenova - Operative Accountant

Tel: 00359 898 804 980

Tel:+359 66 819 703

Email: tigerbull.bg@gmail.com